Daniel Hopper

Why Hamilton is poised for massive growth Part 1

Hamilton is poised to grow at a faster rate than any other city in New Zealand. I'm going to tell you why Hamilton is a great place to invest. 

This will be a three part series. I didn't intend it to be - but I did too much research, and have too many stats!

I wanted to be objective as possible, so here is a snapshot of the city currently, and why we're poised for a growth spike.

• 36.5% increase in value of NON RESIDENTIAL building consents over the last 12 months vs 10.3% nationally
• Expressway completion 2020
• Ruakura Inland Port opening 2019 - $3 Billion project, approx 12,000 jobs expected
• Rail – golden triangle rail network improved

Relatively low current unemployment – 5% 
• Commercial vehicle registrations increased by 13%
• Large increase in jobs (12k expected at Port)
• Comparable salary to Auckland

• Hamilton is growing at around 1.4 - comparable to Tauranga and Auckland
• Estimated that by 2043, the Waikato population will be 50% HIGHER than 2013
• Net migration is about 2.5 times higher than the 10 year average

Part Two will compare the market now vs 2009/2010 - 2 years after the LVRs were introduced vs 2 years after the last boom / the impending GFC.