Daniel Hopper

  What areas of Hamilton are most likely to see growth and capital gains for investors?  

Hamilton is in a position of growth. Don't believe me? Hear about all the growth and infrastructure projects around Hamilton in the Waikato

👉First, we're not building fast enough. 

There was a 1.8% REDUCTION in the value of NEW RESIDENTIAL CONSENTS signed off by council. There is a lot of feedback from developers that Hamilton City Council could streamline the process, but that's another conversation...

👉 Demand for rentals is high, and supply is low - high student population, and a high proportion of rental properties.
👉There is an equilibrium currently with supply and demand. But with demand set to increase with the new Ruakura Inland Port jobs, and a lot of buyers currently holding back, WE NEED MORE STOCK.

Smart suburbs to #invest:
Peacocke - Hamilton secured a loan from the Government worth $290.4 million to fund the development of this area. It has capacity for 8400 new homes over the next 30 years, and will be connected to Hamilton East/Hillcrest through a new bridge, making it now a realistic area for the tenancy for The University of Waikato students.
Also, Enderley, Chartwell and Fairview Downs as they're areas well under our cities median house price. This allows investors to add value to these properties, and they're close to huge infrastructure investment in our city and jobs.

👎Legislation: Foreign buyer ban, scared landlords, and Kiwibuild... Any affect on the market? No, they're tiny factors in the grand scheme of our localised market