Surplus land sale decision brings Rototuna Town Centre development closer

Shops and amenities for northern Hamilton are a step closer after Hamilton City Council decided to sell surplus land that will become part of Rototuna town centre.

Rototuna's new town centre is closer, as a plan for the development, which includes a library and aquatic centre, is in its final draft and will be presented to the council early in 2017.

Once that and the required consents are in place, developer Kirkdale Investments Ltd can start work on the first stage of the centre.  

But first council needs to sell off land expected to be part of the development around the intersection of Borman Road and North City Road.  Councillors voted unanimously for the plan.

The three pieces of land concerned are the section of former North City Road which runs past the entrance of Hamilton Christian School, and two parcels of land between that and the realigned intersection with Borman Road.

Work on the intersection is complete, Hamilton City Council infrastructure general manager Chris Allen said, so this is the next stage.
"All we're doing is we're saying we don't need the land for public infrastructure." 

The former section of road will have to be formally stopped, and a new vehicle entrance to the Christian school constructed, a council report said.

The development itself is in the hands of Kirkdale 
Investments Ltd, Allen said, and a comprehensive
plan will go to the Planning Guidance Unit in early 2017.

"The timing and everything is then up to [the developer],"
Allen said.  "We understand that he's ready to go and he
wants to go quickly."

That would be exciting for the area, which Allen
described as developing quite nicely.

Council has committed to providing an aquatic centre and a library within the town centre, but they aren't yet in council's 10-year plan, Allen said.

The more immediate obligation is to upgrade North City Road.  Two of the surplus pieces of land were most recently valued at $250,000 and $327,000, plus GST if any, respectively.

They will be offered to their previous owners before going on the open market.

Councillor Leo Tooman questioned the values cited,
but was told they would be updated.

The third piece of land - the former section of North
City Road - has yet to be valued, but will go on the
open market.