Finish line in sight for plan to turn prime riverside land south of Hamilton into 1000 homes

Amberfield has the capacity for around 1000 houses to be built over the next seven to ten years.

Wheels are moving on a multi-million dollar housing development that would turn Hamilton city to the south.

Resource consent has been lodged to allow homes to be built on 105 hectares of north-facing farmland that slopes gently down to the Waikato River east of Peacockes Rd.

Amberfield would accommodate 1000 houses in the next seven to ten years.

And if given the green light, development could start as early as next year, with the aim to have people in homes by 2021.

Developers kicked off the consultation process early and gave the public its first glimpse of the new development before submitting the resource consent application to Hamilton City Council on Monday.

The site will also include 23 hectares of open spaces and reserves, a neighbourhood centre and an esplanade reserve along the 2.8km river front that will include cycling and walking paths.

The development is part of the Peacocke site - a 720-hectare space that has the capacity for between eight and nine thousand houses.
Peacocke was included in the draft long-term plan and central government has backed it with cash - including a $290.4 million interest-free loan.

Amberfield development in South Hamilton
An artist's impression of the multi-million dollar development.
Waipa District handed Peacocke over to Hamilton in 1989 so the city could use it for future growth.

So far, there are only a few houses in the area - in the Dixon Rd-Ohaupo Rd zone.

Mark Peacocke, spokesperson for the local family behind the development entity Weston Lea Ltd, says the site is set to play a critical role in accommodating the rapidly growing population in Hamilton.

"This project is all about legacy for our family, which lives in the area, for our neighbours and for the wider growth of Hamilton," he said.

Amberfield development in South Hamilton
After years of growth in Hamilton's north-east, development is set to turn south.
"As part of the next chapter for this productive working farm, we are strongly committed to ensuring that every care and consideration is taken to create a highly liveable community that contributes to Hamilton's future: a place that embraces the river, nurtures the environment and celebrates the stories of those who have gone before."

Infrastructure is key and the developer will fund several million in infrastructure necessary to service the Amberfield development.

The council's future investment plans for Peacocke include a bridge over the river from Hillcrest. That will be part of the Southern Links project, in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency. 

Add main roads and wastewater pipes throughout the area and the infrastructure bill is going to be more than $200m.

Council planners have accounted for the suburb's needs as it grows - allowing space for shops, schools, transport.

The Mangakotukutuku Gully would be protected.