Daniel Hopper

The Harcourts Promise
Harcourts know that their clients want most from Harcourts and their chosen sales consultant.  They created the Harcourts Promise for clients to enjoy exceptional levels of personal and professional service. 
Harcourts Promise
Clear communication is the key to identifying your individual needs and expectations, so clients now have our guarantee in writing. The Harcourts PROMISE is your absolute assurance of just how seriously we take our responsibilities on your behalf. It’s our way of being held accountable, and your way of assessing our performance every single step of the way towards a successful sale. Consider it our total commitment to work together to make the whole experience easier, less stressful and far more rewarding.

And that’s a promise! 
The five elements to the Harcourts promise are as follows:
Written Marketing Plan
Following initial consultation and property inspection, we will present a comprehensive marketing strategy specifically tailored for you, your property and the current market conditions. A fully-detailed marketing action plan calendar will be prepared which clearly identifies where and when all scheduled promotional activities and regular client contact will take place. Because we believe that our relationship is a partnership, your input is invaluable at this key stage.

Weekly Written Marketing Report
This is an important tool for assessing market reaction to your property and also to identify those prospective buyers who are showing most interest. Based on this regular information, we will make on-going recommendations which will maximise the effectiveness of our targeted marketing efforts.

21 Day Marketing Review Meeting
It is during the initial few weeks after your property is first introduced to the market and has gained a high profile and maximum level of interest that it is most valuable to review the marketing progress to date. A frank and open discussion between client and consultant can often identify new opportunities and strategies which can build upon the original marketing plan.

Post Inspection Feedback
Following each visit by an individual potential buyer and, of course, immediately after all inspections, we will keep you completely up to date on how your property was perceived, pertinent comments, price-relevant issues and prospective ‘hot prospects’. Just like us, you need to know exactly what’s going on at all times.

All Offers Presented In Writing
Because it is your property, it is solely your decision whether to accept or decline a specific offer. For your consideration we will formally present every offer received in writing so that you are better able to make an informed judgement. Obviously we are only too happy to offer advice, but we will always leave the final choice up to you without exerting any undue influence whatsoever. 
This is part of the reason we have been voted New Zealand's most TRUSTED Real Estate brand.   Click here if you would like to know more.