Hamilton looking for share of housing fund

Hamilton City Council is ready to get the diggers rolling on developments in the south and northwest, pending investment from the Government’s $1B housing fund.

The Council has applied for $240M of the $1B Housing Infrastructure Fund to fast-track significant infrastructure development, unlocking potentially 2350 to 3100 additional homes in Peacocke (south) and Rotokauri (northwest).

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King says the Council’s proposal has received positive feedback.

“We’ve put together what we believe is a very convincing proposal and everyone we’ve talked to so far is very supportive. Developers are on board and are ready to get diggers out there to start making things happen tomorrow, we just need the financial support from the government,” says Mayor King.

“The Government have been great to work with and we fully support what they’re helping accomplish not only in Hamilton but around the country.”

Hamilton City Council Chief Executive Richard Briggs says the Government’s support is essential for fast-tracking this development.

“This is a great initiative by the Government and it’s provided us an opportunity to really get things moving and be ahead of the game. Developing a new growth area is costly and $240M goes a long way to making it happen quickly,” says Mr Briggs.

“All the groundwork has already been done. The land is zoned correctly and we have structure plans in place meaning development can happen as soon as we can get the key infrastructure in place.”

The Council’s proposal includes building a number of key roads, and installing main water, wastewater and stormwater networks which will enable housing in both Peacocke and Rotokauri growth cells. In addition, the proposal includes building a new bridge across the Waikato River from Hillcrest to Peacocke.

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